Through film, video, performance, and installation, my work investigates the tension between the body and its representation. In my approach to performance, I explore the material body’s relationship to gravity and the interdependence between the body and its enivronment. In my projects, I investigate the effects of disciplinary systems and the demands of history on the body, including exploring how bodies are disciplined to labor for cinema in the film, Crashing Waves, or exploring we are conditioned to represent ourselves in our every day life, through rituals like Christmas Cards, as in the film, Family Portrait, or through mediation in the digital sphere, as in the performance, Four Girl Trick. In investigating the gap between the lived experience of the body and its symbolic, filmic, or imagined representations, my work speaks to the processes and elements invovled in the production of images, the violence of representation, and the mutable thresholds between the real and the virtual. 


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