Family Portrait (feature drama, in postproduction, 4K, DCP, color, sound)

Family Portrait follows a sprawling Texas family in futile attempts to take a family picture. While the first half is rooted in “realism”, when the matriarch disappears and one daughter becomes desperate to find her, the film spirals into a suspension of time generated through formal abstraction; the act of taking the picture appears to become a solemn rite of passage.

Director: Lucy Kerr
Producer: NSF, Megan Pickrell
Director of Photography: Lidia Nikonova
Written by: Lucy Kerr
Editing:  Karlis Bergs
Sound Design and Mix: Andrew Siedenburg and Nikolay Antonov
Featuring: Deragh Campbell, Chris Galust, Rachel Alig, Katie Folger, Robert Salas, Silvana Jakich, Veronica Cinibulk, Ed Hattaway, Vanessa Cetodal, Christian Huey, Les Weiler, David McGuff, Miriam Spumpkin, and Luke, Gray, Rhett, and Magnolia Picarazzi

FIDLab AirFrance Prize 2022, Austin Film Society Feature Film Grant 2022, US in Poland 2022 New Horizons Award


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