Four Girl Trick (performance piece, 16 minutes, 2019)

In Four Girl Trick, the choreography was derived from the internet girlhood game circulating on young women’s YouTube channels, Four Girl Chair Trick. The choreographic systems are based on the instructions the young women give one another in the videos – sometimes challenging one another and other times resisting the challenges proposed by their friends. My appropriation of this game uses the instructions to create a networked object out of the women’s simultaneous cooperation and resistance to a system. The work reveals the materiality of the game as a networked interdependency of women both supporting and restricting one another, not just physically, but aesthetically and politically as well. I put the game up on pedestals to speak to the fetishization of the young women’s bodies, considering these women’s production of images for YouTube and the hundreds of thousands of views on their YouTube pages.


LA Dance Project at Francois Ghebaly Gallery 2019
California Institute of the Arts Gallery C113 2019
La Mama Moves at La Mama Galleria 2019

CalArts cast: Kristen DeLillo, Stacy Collado, Bailey Anglin, Morgaine DeLeonardis, Elyse Desmond, Arantxa Araujo, Molly Gorin, Lir Katz
LA Dance Project cast: Julienne Mackey, Sam Blaz, Kait McKinney, Kayla Aguila, Camila Arana, Taylor Unwin, Cacia LaCount, Chenui Mao


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